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AIDA64 is an open source system information and benchmarking suite that runs on various operating systems. It is available in different versions and supports multiple operating systems. The 30 day trial version can be unlocked for the Business ($80/5 nodes) and Extreme ($40) editions. The Business edition focuses on enthusiasts and enthusiast users, while the Extreme is designed for performance computing professionals. The Business edition offers more features and functions for IT networks, such as network inventory. It can scan multiple systems at once.

AIDA64 needs the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to run. The permission is necessary for the program to read the contents of the external storage. It can also check whether there is free space on the external storage. Before downloading the application, the Play Store will ask for the permission. AIDA64 does not use this permission, but requires it for its operations. As long as the permission is granted, AIDA64 will run without errors.

The AIDA64 System Stability Test is designed to place the processor under heavy load to stress it to the maximum temperature. However, you can run this program for several hours to see whether your system is running smoothly. Nevertheless, you can use this software in just a few minutes to find out if your computer has any immediate problems. During the test, AIDA64 will detect all hardware and will provide information about its state. AIDA64 is the best tool to perform this kind of diagnostic.

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Dec 15, 2021
Requires Android