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CCleaner is a freeware application that can help speed up your computer by deleting useless files and settings. Unwanted files are typically left behind by programs like internet browsers, Microsoft Office, McAfee, Adobe Flash Player, and WinZipper. Using this program will help you delete these unnecessary files, thereby making your system faster and more stable. You can also find it handy if you frequently visit websites that contain malicious software.

Many people download programs from the internet. Some people even download phone apps. Today, it is more common than ever to download computer software. When downloading CCleaner, make sure to download it from the official website. Third-party downloads may contain viruses and malware. Only download from the official website. It will ensure that the software you’re downloading is legitimate. The software should not slow down your computer. You should run CCleaner once or twice a week to keep it running smoothly.

One of the biggest complaints about CCleaner is that it runs in the background, and is persistently asking you to upgrade to version 5.45. Another complaint is that it has been hacked by malicious software in the past, so it’s important to research these problems before downloading CCleaner. However, the software is worth the price. A free version is also available, which is a big plus when it comes to getting a clean PC.

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Dec 01, 2021
Requires Android