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Jelly Adventure

Published/Updated Date September 16, 2018
Downloads 1,000+
Version 1.2.4
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 30



If you’re looking for a fun new puzzle game, jelly-adventure is the game for you. It’s a relaxing puzzle experience set on the colorful island of Winba. The gameplay is all about breeding and taming wild jelly to use their unique abilities. In addition, players can also compete with friends in heated competitions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a challenging challenge, jelly-adventure is sure to please.

The gameplay is very simple, and the game requires quick fingers and a fast reaction time. The game offers a variety of different puzzles, and you can even create your own dungeon! The main enemy in this dungeon has hooks for hands, and this gives him a hook attack. You can throw enemies and hang on to poles, and you can anchor yourself to the ground to pull stuff out of the way.

The graphics are great and the game is free to download. The game has over 4,000 visual styles, which you can choose from to make your game unique. You can play with your jelly avatar for free and earn cash in the process. You can even race against other jelly creatures to win the top award! This is an addictive game for the entire family. If you have kids, you will have a great time playing Jelly Adventure!


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