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Odd Bot Out

Published/Updated Date Jun 11, 2021
Downloads 1 000 000+
Version 1.10.3
Requires Android 5.0+
Size 15



Odd Bot Out is an interesting puzzle game that combines physics and creativity. You must control the small robot to navigate through a series of obstacles. In each level, you’ll face a logical puzzle. You’ll have to think carefully about your next action and employ trial and error to succeed. There are three difficulty levels: beginner, medium, and advanced. The game is available for iOS and Android devices. It is free and can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also find the game on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re looking for a challenging yet enjoyable game, you should consider Odd Bot Out. This contraption-based game features a wobbly robot that got banished to the trash shoot after failing a standardized test. The player must help him escape by guiding him through 100 unique rooms and solving a unique puzzle to complete the level. Some of the challenges include building a bridge, creating an unsafe car, riding a robotic centipede, and more.

Odd Bot Out is a puzzle game, with no dialogue between robots. The visuals are minimalist, with giant eyes, which make the robots look human. As you progress, you’ll bump into other robots. Sound is minimal and writing is light. The game is recommended for players who enjoy puzzle games. It has a lot of replayability and has an excellent puzzle system. You’ll need to be a good player to enjoy this game!


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