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Pocket Option Broker

(3 customer reviews)

Published/Updated Date 16.05.2022
Developer ITTrendex
Description author Rohini Sarna
Downloads 1,000,000+
Version 1.154
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 4.9 MB



Pocket Option is a platform for online trading in financial markets around the world with access to a large number of assets.

The broker started working in 2017 and is officially registered in the Marshall Islands. The company is a member of the Center for Regulation of Relations in International Financial Markets (IFMRRC).

Pocket Option offers investors access to popular Forex currency pairs, crude oil, gold, silver and cryptocurrency products.

Pocket Option has six user levels:

In a short time, the company was able to become one of the leaders in its market segment, competing on equal terms with companies that have been operating for about 10 years.

Such success was achieved through the use of new modern technologies that were introduced into the trading process. Favorable conditions and advanced technologies in a short time helped to attract a huge number of users. In the first year alone, the company was able to attract more than 100,000 users and achieve a sales turnover of $500 million a year. Over the years, these results have only increased.

At the moment, users from more than 100 countries of the world are registered in the company, and the average income of a trader is more than 850 US dollars.

Pocket Option is not going to stop there and continue to expand globally. The company continues to improve the trading process. New trading instruments are added, trading conditions are improved, the trading terminal and mobile applications are being finalized, the technical support department is expanding, new languages ​​are being added, etc.

The basis for the development of the company was the active use of new and modern technologies in trading. Trading, like other areas of life, has become more mobile. Realizing this already after a year of its existence, in 2018, the company presented its customers with mobile applications for ios (iphone), android, windows, and the company’s website was fully adapted for mobile devices.

login in account

Now a significant part of the company’s customers work with mobile devices. The Pocket Option app has become very popular among users and the demand for the mobile platform continues to grow.
In this article, we will take a closer look at the Pocket Option broker app so that other users can decide for themselves whether they should switch to this platform or not.

The Pocket option application is installed in the standard way. You can download the application both from the official website of the company and from https://playmarketstore.com.

When launched, the installation process on all devices will occur automatically. After the installation is complete, you will be able to log into your account, or register a new account if you do not have an account.

We will discuss the issue of creating an account in more detail below.

The convenience of using the Pocket Options trading app is that in fact you can completely do without visiting the official website of the company. The Pocket Option broker app allows you to register or open a demo account right from the app. It is very comfortable.

Moreover, you will be able to use other functions, which we will talk about later.

Like other brokers, Pocket Option offers several ways to register an account. In addition to the standard registration using email, you can also register using Facebook and Gmail accounts. You can choose any of these methods.

To register on the Pocket Options trading app in the first way, you only need to enter your Email address and assign a strong account password. After confirming the mailbox, you will be able to log into your account and fully use the trading platform. As a bonus, you will be given a demo account for free.

In the future, you will be able to replenish your trading account and switch to trading on a real account. In general, the Pocket Option app has a very wide functionality, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Pocket Option broker app is one of the most modern and advanced apps on the market right now. The application has great functionality and is very convenient.

The developer managed to transfer almost all the functions of a standard web application to the mobile application. This made the Pocket Option app very convenient. You can simultaneously use both the trading terminal and your personal account in one application.

Pocket Option platform screenshot

In the first case, you can easily set up charts, conduct technical analysis of trading instruments and make trades.

In the second case, you can switch demo trading and trading on a real account from the same application, replenish a deposit, withdraw a deposit and use other functions.

All these features are available in all mobile applications. Pocket Option clients can trade on the web trading platform, Android trading platform, iOS trading platform and PC trading platform.

The minimum deposit on the platform starts from $10, while the minimum order amount is $1. This is convenient if the client is just starting to work on the exchange and is still afraid to deposit large amounts. But for those who want to practice with large amounts or just to understand how it all works first, the platform offers a test deposit of $10,000 in virtual funds. They can be used for an unlimited amount of time, as well as to renew the virtual deposit an unlimited number of times.

There are many ways to fund your real account. They may differ depending on the country, but in general, the brokerage company offers the most popular and convenient payment services in this country for each user.

Pocket Option broker app makes the process of trading on the market even more convenient. The user can view the chart, open a deal, replenish a deposit or order a withdrawal of funds at any convenient time and anywhere where there is mobile Internet.

By the way, it is worth noting that Pocket Option can provide stable operation even with poor Internet quality. The mobile application is quite light and fast, so it can work even on old gadgets with poor technical capabilities. Thus, the developers have created an application that provides access to the financial market for almost any person.

Any investment in the financial market is associated with risks. This is always worth understanding when you decide to start working in the financial market. If there were risk-free directions in the financial market, then all traders and investors would work there.

Therefore, no broker, no company, no platform and no exchange can give you any guarantees. Moreover, everyone always warns that working in the financial market involves certain risks.

At the same time, the financial market provides people around the world with the opportunity to earn extra money and a chance for a decent, carefree life. Many people around the world manage to achieve their cherished goal and improve their lives through trading.

Pocket Option broker

The Pocket Option app provides people around the world with one of the options for accessing the financial market. Traders receive favorable trading conditions and a low threshold for entering the market. The company has created the most convenient conditions for comfortable work, and everything else depends on the trader himself. The company cannot protect the trader from all trading risks. The final financial result depends primarily on the skills and abilities of the trader.

However, the Pocket Option app has been providing clients with reliable access to the market for several years. Hundreds of the most popular high-yield trading instruments are available on the platform. This is all that a trader needs to be successful. The final financial result already depends on the trader.

At the same time, Pocket Option has been consistently paying out profits from trading activities to all its clients and partners for several years. This is one of the signs of the company’s reliable work in the market. On average, each client of the company monthly withdraws about $850.

3 reviews for Pocket Option Broker

  1. Yousry Saleh

    It’s my lovely place for trading , I love so much prompt replies of the team when having any issues , also fast withdrawals is a very big plus. Pocket option became a very important part of my daily life routine

  2. Adrian Leos

    I love this app!!! Very efficient and easy to learn. I just started using this app and deposited 200$ and I already made a quick 1500 in one day. 🙃

  3. NilaVardhani

    Iam using po for more than year now, it’s withdrawal is faster than any other trading platform i know, just make sure u upload the proper document at the time of verification

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